01 July 2017

Az. Agricola Montaribaldi, Barbaresco

Normally, we do not write about wines we have in restaurants but the producer's 2012 Ricu is one of the best Barbarescos we have ever tasted.  We had dinner at Il Moncalvo in Acqui Terme this past week and chose this wine to have with dinner.  Without a doubt, it is one of the most complete Barbarescos we have ever had.  We will tell you that it needs time in the bottle.  We estimate that two years will pass before we open one of the bottles we purchased at Moncalvo.  If you find it, put it away in the back of your cellar.  You will not be disappointed.

The restaurant is very good also.

29 December 2019  One of those bottles was opened today and served with a vegetarian lunch.  Spectacular wine, we will give it another two years before trying another bottle.

3 June 2020  We served a bottle of this very good Barbaresco with sauteed farona (guinea hen) and broccoli sauteed with garlic.  It went quite well, the wine is nearing its peak, we believe.  We still have two bottles of it and will be looking for an excuse to open another one.

21 June 2020  We opened another bottle of this Barbaresco  to serve with Thai soup, boscaioli cheese and pierogi.  It went very well with this meal and is ready to drink.  One bottle left....boo-hoo!

11 October 2020  The last bottle of this Barbaresco was served for lunch of shrimp fried rice with peanuts.  The rice was Basmati from India. It went very well with lunch but we do recommend that if you have this wine in your cellar, it is time to drink it.  By the time lunch was completed, so was the nose and most of the mouth of the wine.  Again, drink it if you have it!

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