06 September 2017

Enzo Boglietti, La Morra

After the Grand Degustazione yesterday, our first visit of the day was Azienda Agricola Enzo Boglietti.  We had met them last year at the degustazione and after reviewing their brochure, decided that we should visit them.

They took us through their offerings starting with the 2016 Langhe Nebbiolo.  It had been bottled about two weeks ago and was quite disjointed, or as we like to call it "in pieces".  It would be unfair to them and the wine for us to form an opinion on the wine so if they have it available next year, we will write about it them.  Euro 9 per bottle.

What they call "Buio" was next.  It was from 2015 and is 80% Nebbiolo and 20% Barbera.  It was a very interesting combination that we feel needs 3-4 years to come around to what should be a very good wine.  We were told that this blend was very popular during the 1990's and they were going to see how it was received here in 2017.  We estimate 3-4 years in the cellar should make it ready to drink.  Euro 16 per bottle.  Purchased for our cellar.

They they proceeded to open their series of 2013 Barolos, all of which were opened for us.  The first was from the vineyard Boiolo.  We are familiar with this vineyard having had 2006 and 2008 Barolos from Bosco who makes wines from that vineyard.  Boglietti's 2013 Boiolo was quite acidic.  The fruit was evident but there was little indication of tannins.  We estimate that it would take 3-4 years to come around.  Euro 23 a bottle.

The second 2013 Barolo was Fossati.  It had a light nose that did not tell us it was Barolo.  However, after about five minutes open, the nose had become evident.  We estimate a minimum of 5 years before opening.  Euro 33 a bottle.

The next was the 2013 Arione.  It had a big Barolo nose, both the acids and tannins were quite evident.  It obviously is in the legendary 3 pieces.  Arione has great fruit for a young wine.  Let it rest for at least five years.  Euro 39 per bottle.  Purchased for our cellar.

The fourth was the 2013 Casa Nere.  The nose is there but light as is the mouth.  It, however, has a high level of tannins.  We estimate at least four years to come around.  Euro 39 a bottle.

The last was the 2013 Brunate.  This is a very balanced wine for a 2013.  The fruit is good blending well with a light tannin structure.  Let it rest for two or three years before trying.  Euro 39 per bottle.

28 February 2021 Because we are having a lot of trouble finding something that is ready to drink, we decided to open a bottle of the 2015 Buio, the blend of Nebbiolo and Barbera from this producer.  We had concluded that it needed 3-4 years before it was ready to drink but as I said, we are becoming desperate.  As usual, the wine is not ready to drink.  If we told you that the top was acid, the middle fruit and the bottom tannins, you would think, probably, that we had fallen off the wagon.  But, that is what we thought, even with a fairly open mouth glass and at least an hour to drink the wine with Natalya's Thai soup and a pirogi made from our biological chicken, bio potatoes and onion.  Regretfully, we have one bottle left and if the La Morra tasting ever occurs again, we will go to the producer and get six bottles that will reside, with the one we have left, for at least three more years.

09 October 2021 We opened another bottle of the 2013 Arione Barolo for lunch today.  Menu was a salad with sedano bianco cuore (white heart of celery), pioppino mushrooms from Monalfungo, bio lemon juice and fresh ground black pepper.  Natalya also made angliotti with white chicken, burrata and pistachio nuts.  The wine needs another two years before we will open another bottle but you can taste what will be enjoyed very much in the future.

 29 October 2023  We opened a bottle of Enzo Boglietti Arione 2013 for a Sunday dinner.  We were quite disappointed, not about the wine, but the fact that the wine is not ready to drink.  And, I really mean it is not ready.  After two hours open, we started to get the mouth and the nose.  Both are very good.  So, we put the other bottle we have for another two years.  Patience, Vittorio!!


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