31 December 2016

Cascina del Pozzo, Castellinaldo d'Alba

We have not visited this cantina.  We were given a bottle of their 2013 Nebbiolo d'Alba by a friend who wanted our opinion as to when it would be good to open a bottle of this wine.

One thing you should know is that the striking difference between Nebbiolo from Alba and Langhe  besides the area of production is that the Nebbiolo d'Alba is required to be 100% Nebbiolo grape whereas the Langhe has to be at least 80% Nebbiolo.

That being said, we believe that this wine needs a minimum of one year from today's date before it is served.  It was still in "pieces", acid and fruit.  No tannin was detected in the mouth but that does not mean it will not appear at a later time.  Wait one to one and a half years before opening, IOHO.

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