23 April 2016

Annual Barolo tasting 2016, La Morra

This year, on the 4th of September, will be the annual Barolo tasting in the Barolo community of La Morra.

Going?  Better book your room now as things are filling up fast.

Yes, we missed the 2015 tasting.  Our apologies!

COMMENTARY:  We did attend the 2016 La Morra tasting last Sunday.  However, it was not as it had been in previous years.  When I told my friends about it previously, I related that there were usually 50 producers in attendance.  It was not so this year.  There were only 34 and most of them did not have their best wine to pour.  Yes, I know that to pour your best wine for someone that will probably never buy a bottle of it is like pouring it down the drain but there are a few of us that use a tasting such as La Morra to decide who to go to when we need to buy wine.

Also, I will ding the person or persons that decided to move it to a different street, more residential and less commercial.  Is that why the producers decided not to support the tasting in the numbers they used to?  Maybe.

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