01 October 2011

Le Strette - Novello

We had the opportunity to spend time with Savio at Le Strette.  He gave us the family history and we got to see what we thought was a fairly new cantina.

We tasted a number of his offerings along with our neighbors here in Pratomorone.  We were especially impressed with the 2007, the only one they made that year.  We had it for our one year anniversary.

We also loved the 2005 Bergera Pezzole.

Both were added to our growing collection.

We recently communicated with Savio regarding the 2008 offerings.  He said that they would not be available until around May or June but to come up anyway and see how his other wines are progressing.  We will do so gladly.

Savio is looking for distributors in both the UK and US.  If this is your business, contact him.  He makes very good wines.

5 July 2012  As mentioned above, we were impressed by Savio's 2007 Barolo, enough so to make it our Anniversary Wine.  And since our anniversary was the 30th of June, we opened another bottle from our cellar.  This is a great wine and in need of more time in the bottle.  The tannins are very evident as is the fruit.  We suspect that this wine will take another year or two to be ready to drink.  So as not to be without it, I emailed Savio and had him put another six bottles aside for us.  It is a wine that we recommend highly.

6 September 2013  On the day after third anniversary of Natalya's arrival in Italy, we had another bottle of the 2007 Barolo.  It is still growing and coming together but is drinkable at this point.  It is highly recommended!!  Next opening, June of 2014.

19 October 2013  We opened a bottle of the 2005 Bergera Pezzole today.  Natalya had made blini with chicken and rice.  It is a spectacular wine with the need for at least another six months in the cantina.  No wonder Le Strette wins awards from Decanter magazine in the UK.

30 June 2014  As previously indicated, today is our wedding anniversary and, of course, we opened a bottle of Savio's 2007 Barolo to have with the faraona (guinea hen) that we made with rosemary, garlic and red potatoes from our garden and an appetizer of buffala mozzerella with extra virgin olive oil from Pescara.  It went very well with the meal!  We believe that it has at least another year before it will be really ready to drink but if you have it, try a bottle if you have more than one.  If one is all you have, keep watching this blog!

5 October 2014  This being Natalya's fourth anniversary of being in Italy, we opened a bottle of Savio's 2007 Barolo.  We had made, in the oven near our garden, a pizza Neapolitan, with our sauce (not from Napoli), mozzarella from water buffalo milk (from Napoli), extra virgin olive oil from Sicily and basil from Liguria.  The wine went very well with the pizza but we feel that the wine might be on its last legs so will speed up the consumption of the remaining three bottles.  If you have it, try it and make your own decision!  In any case, the pizza and wine combination were very good.

5 December 2014  Today is Natalya's birthday.  Since we believe that the wine is reaching its last months, we opened a bottle of the 2007 Barolo for lunch today.  It has changed somewhat to the point where we believe that is not in its last months.  We have pushed the date that it should be drunk for a year.  We had a lunch of Dolma with it today.  Went very well with them.  Next bottle will be opened on the 30th of June, our wedding anniversary.

22 February 2015  We opened the last of our bottles of the 2005 Bergera Pezzole which won a top award from the UK wine magazine, Decanter.  We served it with some steamed vegetables, basmatti rice and polpette using my Sicilian grandmother's recipe.  Right wine with the right food.  Ready to drink.  Wish we had more!!

30 June 2015  Today was our wedding anniversary.  We opened the next to last bottle of the 2007 Barolo base. We had made a stuffed piadina with a number of vegetables and curcuma for spice.  The wine is ready to drink.  We will drink the last bottle on the anniversary of Natalya arriving in Italy, the 5th of October 2015.  If you have it in your cellar, drink it.

5 October 2015  Today was the fifth anniversary of Natalya arriving in Italy.  We opened the last bottle of the 2007 base Barolo to serve with a Sicilian sausage flavored chicken burger.  Even the heavily spiced chicken burger did not overcome the balanced fruit, acid and tannin.  Regretfully, we believe there is no more at the cantina but the next time up there, we will ask.  As we said back in June, if you have it in your cellar, it is time to pop the cork.  Bravo, Savio!!!!

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