07 October 2011

Pierangelo Bosco - Borgata Boiolo, La Morra

We visited this Barolo producer on the 9th of October.  We suggest that you call ahead for instructions on how to find the cantina as our GPS led us astray.

The production area is brimming with stainless steel tanks while the barrel room is full of new and used french oak.

We got to meet Pierangelo and his wife, Elisa as well as their daughter, Matilde.  They told us that they originally sold the grapes they grew.  Now, they produce a limited number of bottles of top of the line Barolo.  Pierangelo's wife told us that he does this more as a hobby.

We tasted both the 2004 and 2006 Vigna Boiolo Barolo.  We also got to taste the initial stages of the 2011, still in the fermentation tanks.

The 2006 is still quite closed in but the 2004 is becoming very approachable.  We believe that the 2004 still has a number of years left in the bottle before it is completely ready.  The particular bottle we tasted from had been open about four hours.  Over the time we were there and with a little help from me in aging it in the glass, we realized that it is a full but quite soft Barolo, not a big one that grabs you and does not let go.  It, we believe, is a great wine to serve to friends sitting around the house with a fire in the stove/fireplace.  You should be aware that it is still has a bit of tannin in the mouth but it adds to the complexity.  We believe that additional bottle aging should bring about a fuller, more complex wine.

We asked about the 2005.  We were told that they did not think it was very good so they sold the finished wine.  They did this also with the 2007.

We bought a full case of the 2004 and will leave it for at least three years in the cellar.  The price was very reasonable.

3 September 2012  We had a nice visit with the family after the La Morra tasting.  Pierangelo opened a bottle of his new Barbera d'Alba which had not been tasted since it was put in bottles.

March 2013 We again stopped to see Pierangelo and Elisa.  We wanted to taste the 2006 again as well as the 2004.  We believe the 2004 may be ready in 2014 while the 2006 is thought to be ready sometime in 2016.  As always, we shall report any changes to our estimates.

16 February 2014  We opened a bottle of the 2004 today with a ground chicken, toma and onion plate.  We started lunch with a plate of ravioli di carciofi.  Natalya made a Chinese cabbage salad to go with it.  The 2004 is ready to drink.  When we opened it, there was no nose to speak of but there was very good fruit in the mouth.  As it progressed, the mouth became more subdued and the nose became more prominent. We suggest that you have more than two to drink the bottle if you open one.  There was very little mouth after about 45 minutes but the nose was really nice.  Great Barolo!!

24 June 2014  We opened another bottle of the 2004 today with  a piadina for lunch.  Great wine, ready to drink after a short time open.  Suggest that you open one of yours to see how it is faring.

19 December 2014  We really like this grape juice.  We made a lasagna today with our sauce of cuore di bue tomatoes and some ground turkey today and made a lasagna.  The wine was open just before the lasagna was ready but it did not show until about twenty minutes later.  It is a great wine.  We will stop to see them in the coming year to see if they have a few more. 

15 May 2015  We opened the last bottle of the 2004 today with our lunch.  We believe the wine is ready to drink and will stand up to most anything you can serve with it.  Have it in your cellar?  Try it!! 

8 May 2016 We opened the first bottle of the 2006 today.  We expected it to be a very big (robust) wine and were not disappointed.  The wine is very, very good; as good as we expected it to be when we bought it.  It was served with a spicy Chinese dish that we made.  We will open the next bottle after some months, possibly for my birthday the end of August.  If you have it, try it but it will last for some years more.

25 December 2016  It took us a little longer than we thought to get around to opening the next to last bottle of the 2006 but we did it today with our lunch.  We prepared the following: a buffalo milk mozzarella for appetizer and then a slowly cooked duck leg served with oven baked potatoes and some of our apples.  First of all, the duck leg came out very well.  This is the first time we had ever tried it (as it normally takes two days to cook) but with a new recipe, it took four hours.  The Barolo was not as we had been warned.  Some time ago (maybe five years), we were told that the wine was ready to drink.  Maybe it was at that time but it was really ready to drink today.  It was balanced with the nose being of asphalt in the beginning and the tannins poking their heads out on occasion.  We had what could be considered a perfect match.  Too bad we have only one bottle left.  Are we in a hurry to open it?  Not really!  We believe that it has at least a year left.  Try one, you may not be sorry!!  Thanx for the great grape juice, Pierangelo!!

10 September 2017  Today we opened the last bottle of the 2006 Bosco Barolo and the last bottle in our cellar of any vintage.  We served it with a chicken thigh that was stuffed with oregano, hard boiled egg and dark bread crumbs.  We tied it together with toothpicks and then sauteed it on a hot pan with extra virgin olive oil.  Once browned, we added some vegetable broth, brought it back to a boil and let it simmer covered for about a half hour.  The wine really complimented this spectacular Sunday lunch.  If you have the wine, time to drink it.  Further time in your cellar would be not be advisable.

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