01 October 2011

Chiara Bochis - Barolo

This woman, one of the few female winemakers in Barolo, normally does not accept visitors because of her limited production and the fact that she does most of the work herself.

We had tasted her 2005 Cannubi at a restaurant in Barolo and wanted to buy it so I contacted her and managed to arrange a visit with our neighbors here in Pratomorone.

We went through the cantina and the barrel room, all underground and all new and extremely well kept.  She has also applied to the Italian government for biological status for her wines.

We were also impressed by the 2007 Cannubi and her 2009 Nebbiolo.  The neighbors bought her 2009 Barbera, also a spectacular wine.

All three of these are now in our cellar.

This past week, we opened a bottle of the 2005 Cannubi.  It was quite soft in both the nose and mouth but an excellent example of the grape.  We would recommend that you drink this without food or a less spicy offering.  You might even drink it with just crackers and cheese in front of the fireplace.

9 September 2012  Today, we opened another bottle of the 2005 Cannubi.  This is truly a spectacular wine.  True Barolo in the nose, mouth develops more with each pour.  Too bad this was the last bottle we had.  Highly recommended, buy it if you can find it stored properly in your local wine shop..

1 June 2014  Today, we opened a bottle of the 2007 Cannubi for lunch.  I had made a risotto with porcini mushrooms.  When I first smelled the wine, I was taken a little aback because it did not have the typical Cannubi nose.  However, after a hour, it had morphed into the wine that we know Chiara makes.  It was spectacular.  It is really too bad that we have only one more.  Please remember that it needs a hour open before tasting.

5 February 2015  We are fans of this woman's wines.  They were the first that we bought for our cellar that could be aged for a time longer than the following year.  Today, we opened a bottle, the last bottle unfortunately, of the 2009 Nebbiolo.  What a spectacular wine!  We think it is a short time short of its best showing but if you leave it open for a hour, it should be what you would expect it to show.  The meal was some of Natasha's ravioli, a piece of buffala mozzarella, some broccoli and a small salad.  We need to find a few more bottles of that grape juice!!!!

5 February 2017  Today, with some "leftovers", we opened the last bottle of the 2007 Cannubi for lunch.  While you may think that this wine was too good for "leftovers", you should know, if you have read some of our musings, that our "leftovers" are something you might order in some of the world's finest restaurants.  Today, we had Natalya's zucca (pumpkin) soup with some lasagna that we made in December and froze (we always make too much).  The wine was spectacular, a blend of the fruit of the grape with a light touch of acidity and very soft tannins.  Something that an older Barolo should display.  Because of the last bottle we opened in 2014 had a lot of stuff on the bottom of the bottle, we decanted it.  We were very glad we did.  If you have it, take a bottle for a great meal even if it is in your own kitchen but now is the time to drink it.  The wine will stand up to most meals except something that has a touch of peperoncini to it.  


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