12 June 2022

Some words about wine tastings in this area for 2022

We believe that most of the wine tastings that are normally held in this are will be happening at least for the summer and early fall.  We have been told that the La Morra tasting that occurs the first Sunday in September is being planned.

But, remember, fall is when the virus begins to raise its ugly head.

We can hope that the La Morra tasting will happen this year after being cancelled for the last two years.

We can say that the tasting in Serralunga di Alba seems to be not happening.  The website for that tasting still shows 2020.  We had planned on going to that one when it was cancelled.

UPDATE:  There is a tasting on the 3rd of September in Castiglione Falletto but all places to sleep have been booked.

The La Morra tasting will be on the 11th of September this year.  We got the last room at the B&B where we normally sleep.

Stay safe everyone!

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