12 June 2022

Renato Corino, La Morra

We stopped at this winery on the 26th of May, 2022 on the suggestion of our friend Chef Bruno at Dulcis Vitis Restaurant in Alba.  We were welcomed by Liliana.

Their 2020 that we had tasted at Dulcis Vitis was sold out as was the 2021 so we did not get to taste their Nebbiolos.

The first Barolo that was poured was the 2018 Del Comune di La Morra, a base Barolo, 14.5%, opened on the 25th.  Nice light nose with a slightly acid mouth.  Euro 26 a bottle.  Give it two years before opening.

Second was the 2018 Arborina, 14.5%, opened the 25th.  Good Barolo nose, light acidity in the nose, soft mouth fruit, no tannin, slightly acidic.  Euro 38 a bottle, give it three years to age.

Next was the 2018 Stefano Corino (son of Renato) Roncaglie, 14.5%, opened the 25th.  Light mouth, slightly acidic.  A good cherry flavor in the mouth with no tannin showing at this point.  Euro 41 a bottle, purchased for our cellar.

Last was the Roche del Annunziata, 15%, opened the 25th.  The nose is quite acidic with light tannins.  The mouth was a light cherry flavor with good tannins.  Give it five years to age.  Euro 46 a bottle, purchased for our cellar.

We also bought two bottles of their 2016 Riserva which was highly recommended.  We will let them rest for another ten years.

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