13 September 2014

Fratelli Serio & Battista Borgogno - Barolo

Last stop for this day was Fratelli Borgogno just outside of Barolo.  When we drove up and parked, we saw Serio sitting on a bench enjoying his retirement and the view across the valley.  We had a nice conversation with him and he gave us permission to pick a few grapes to taste the Nebbiolo of 2014.

We were met in the tasting room by Federica Bofa.  After a bit of history about the cantina, we stated on the wines she had planned for us.

First up was the 2010 Nebbiolo d'Alba.  The wine was opened for us.  14% alcohol, this wine, as with all the others that they produce is done in large Slovenian barrels called botte.  They can hold up to 4000 liters.  This particular wine spent two years in botte and is ready to drink.  Euro 7.70 a bottle.

Next was the 2010 Barbaresco.  Again, the wine was opened for us.  This wine is made in the cantina in Barolo with grapes from Barbaresco.  This is an exception to Italian law that requires Barbaresco to be produced in the Barbaresco area as Barolo must be produced in the area of Barolo.  It is ready to drink, quite tannic with light fruit flavors.  14% alcohol, euro 15.80 a bottle.

Third was the basic Barolo 2009.  Bottle was opened for us.  It is a strong tannin mouth with sufficient fruit and light acids to balance the tanins.  This Barolo rested three years in the botte.  Needs to be open at least a hour before drinking after spending an additional five to ten years in the cellar.  Euro 17 a bottle.

The second Barolo was the 2007 Riserva.  14.5% alcohol, it spent five years in the botte (required to be called Riserva), two in new and three in used.  Quite soft, ready to drink.  Euro 25 a bottle.

The third Barolo was the 2006 Riserva.  14.5% alcohol, same treatment as the 2007 Riserva.  Very tannic but the fruit is enough that it will be a very good wine after at least five and probably seven years in the cellar.  The quite evident Barolo nose backs up our opinion that it will last that long.  It was opened for us because we indicated that we liked more full body Barolos.  Euro 25 a bottle, purchased for our cellar.

We also purchased a bottle of their Grappa di Barolo Invecchiata.  An excellent Grappa, euro 26 a bottle.

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