13 September 2014

Fratelli Revello - Annunziata, La Morra

After the annual tasting in La Morra, we began our three days of visits with Fratelli Revello, tasted for the first time at the La Morra tasting in 2013 (we are really behind).

The cantina is located on a hillside overlooking the vineyards.  We were greeted by Enzo, one of the brothers that run the cantina.  The tasting room is surrounded by windows that allow a very nice view while tasting the wines.

The first offering was the 2009 Barolo Gattera.  It was opened for us.  Produced completely in large Slovenia tanks of 1500 liters, it is a well done Barolo with a good balance of fruit, acid and tannins.  14.5% alcohol, we believe it needs 3-4 years of additional aging in the cellar before opening a bottle. 
Euro 29.50 a bottle.

We then tasted the 2009 Barolo Giachini.  This was also opened for us.  Produced in half new and half used french oak barrels.  It has a prominent Barolo/oak nose.  It needs one to two years of aging before opening.  14.5% alcohol.  Euro 35 a bottle.

Next was the 2009 Coca Barolo.  Again, it was opened for us.  Great Barolo nose, good tannins, fruit and acids in the mouth.  14.5% alcohol.  We think it needs at least 3 years in the cellar before opening.  Euro 40 a bottle, purchased for our cellar.

Last was the 2009 Rocche del Annunziata Barolo.  14.5% alcohol, it has a strong Barolo nose with fruit, tannin and acids evident in the mouth.  It was produced in 50% new and 50% used french oak barrels.  Euro 40 a bottle, purchased for our cellar.  We will not disturb it for at least three years.

4 November 2018  This is the first bottle opened from the wine purchased back in 2013, one of our first Barolo purchases.  For a lunch of a vegetarian torta based on zucca (a type of pumpkin) and another torta based on a local cheese, we served a bottle of the 2009 Conca.  It is a delicate Barolo, very suited for the lunch that used the tastes of the vegetables and cheese that it was based on.  We believe that the wine has an additional one or two years before it heads downhill.  We suggest that you try it with lightly spiced foods.  You may also wish to use this wine and the following Barolo from Revello for a "conversation" wine.  After tasting the Rocche del Annunziata (see the tasting right after this), we decided that both can be used as such a wine.

25 November 2018  This is the first of the bottles of the Rocche del Annunziata that we purchased some years ago.  We served it with a Thai soup, Russian pierogi that Natalya made with a crust enhanced with kefir, sliced onions and some organic chicken breast pieces.  The wine is a light, delicate Barolo which is what the Barolos produced from grapes around La Morra are known for.  While the wine is very good and ready to drink, it had trouble standing up to the Thai soup.  It went quite well with the pierogi.  After trying both of the Barolos that we purchased that day, we recommend that you try using either for a "conversation" wine.  Both are very good but would do better with something very light like a snack.  Ready to drink!

17 February 2019  We opened the last bottle of the Rocche del Annunziata today for lunch.  The menu was a steamed branzino (a local fish) and a salad of fennel and onion, dressed with Sicilian olive oil and lemon juice.  The combination went well with the lighter wine from Revello.  If you have this wine, it is time to take it from the cellar and enjoy it.

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