15 June 2014

Latest Tastings

Over the last two weeks, we have been to two different locales for two different tastings.  For the most part, the wines were quite good but some stood out more than others and will dictate further follow-up.

At the Enofila in Asti, we had the opportunity to taste the 2007 Barolo Riserva from Cascina del Monastero, represented by Beppe Grasso.  To be called "Riserva", a Barolo must have a minimum of five years of aging before release.  Beppe told us he also has a 2005 Riserva that we are looking forward to tasting.

We also tasted the 2007 Varaldo Lori Loreto in the Enofila...a spectacular Barbaresco that is ready to drink.  They were represented by Rino and his daughter.  This wine was purchased for the cellar as it is in short supply.

At the Castello di Roddi, there was a first tasting of the 2010 Barolo.  We had good Barolo from Le Strette (see our commentary about Le Strette in a posting below), Fratelli Serio & Ballista Borgogno, represented by Federica Boffa and Broccardo, represented by Federica Broccardo.

A short comment about the 2010 Barolo...in our opinions, this Barolo will be very difficult to judge.  It is practically completely closed giving the drinker little to base their purchase decisions on.  It took more than two hours for any of them to open enough to give us any sort of idea as to how it will be when ready to drink.  But, going out on a limb, our "guess" is that they will require a minimum of five to seven years in the cellar before we would even consider opening them.  This turns out to be a great opportunity to stay in touch with the producers as they will, of course, be more knowledgeable about what is going on with the wines.  We will be sure to provide detailed observations when we visit the Cantine and are able to taste the wines and speak to the producers in an atmosphere that is more conducive to getting to know the wines.

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