28 July 2013

Reverdito - La Morra

Last stop on our anniversary weekend was the cantina Reverdito.  They have a complete selection of Barolos for every taste.

First wine was the 2010 Nebbiolo Simane.  The wine was opened for us.  This is a nice Nebbiolo.  The nose was muted but the mouth showed good fruit and acid with a modicum of tannin.  Recommended.  Purchased for our cellar (euro 7 per bottle)

Next was the 2009 Barolo di base.  Wine was also opened for us.  This wine is from their younger vineyards.  Very good example of the grape.  Balanced fruit, acid and tannins.  Ready to drink.  Euro 18 per bottle.

2009 Barolo Castagni was presented next.  Wine was opened for us.  Balanced fruit, acid and tannins. Drinkable now.  Highly recommended.  Purchased for our cellar (euro 20 per bottle).

The 2008 Barolo Moncucco was next.  Very good nose.  A light "conversation' wine.  Euro 25 per bottle.

The 2006 Barolo Badarina was next.  Very good Barolo nose, good tannins and acid.  Needs three years in cantina.  Recommended.  Euro 25 per bottle).

The 2007 Barolo Bricco Cogni was presented next.  Big fruit and acid, light tannin.  Ready to drink.  Euro 35 per bottle).

The last was the 2004 Barolo S. Giacomo Riserva.  Good balance, ready to drink.  Euro 40 per bottle.

8 March 2014 We opened a bottle of the 2010 Nebbiolo Simane today for Women's Day.  At first, we were put off by the front and back of the mouth.  However, after being open for 30-45 minutes it came around and is quite good.  However, we must advise anyone who has this wine of two things: we think it is ready to drink with the aforementioned time open and we know it will not last until the next day if you do not drink it all.

9 January 2015  We opened the second bottle of the 2010 Nebbiolo Simane today for a lunch of sauteed chicken breast and home grown potatoes with bagnet sauce.  The wine exhibits an abundance of tannin and the heavy smell of oak from the barrels it was produced in.  We believe that it needs an additional year in the cellar before another is opened.

24 January 2016  We opened the first of our bottles of the 2009 Barolo Castagni this evening.  The occasion (not that we need one) was our friend Maeve Stengel was visiting from Brazil.  Our neighbors were also in attendance.  During the day, we had taken Maeve to Monale, Italy for their Bagna Cauda.  Bagna Cauda, for the uninitiated, is a Piemontese dish made from anchovies, garlic, a little milk and olive oil.  It is all cooked together (write us for the recipe) and served with raw and cooked vegetables.  It is, as you might suspect, a pretty heavy dish.  We needed a Barolo that would stand up to it even though we had finished eating two or three hour before.  Since we had not opened the Castagni, we thought that we would try it.  The wine is very good, ready to drink.  The only thing that we were a little disappointed in was that it lost its nose after about a hour open.  Otherwise, it is ready to drink and should be for another two to three years.  We think that it would be best as a conversation wine.  Food would not be easy to match to it.

3 May 2016  Throwing all caution to the wind, we opened a bottle of the 2009 Castagni to serve with a Mexican type burrito type of ground turkey and vegetables with a added flavor of pickled jalapenos.  Obviously, we like to experiment with wine/food combinations.  Surprisingly, the wine stood up quite well with the spicy lunch.  We recommend that if you have it in your cellar, it is time to drink it although we think it has a good two or three years in the bottle before it starts to go downhill.

26 July 2016 We had Natalya's son and his family, who live in Istanbul, as guests for a week.  Her son has a bad memory of red wine from when he was young but was open to trying a good wine to see if he could get over it.  We prepared the burrito with ground turkey and vegetables for them.  We opened a bottle of the 2009 Castagni to go with it.  Luckily he liked the wine very much.  So much, he wanted to take a bottle of it back to Istanbul but we have only one more so we sent a bottle of another of our favorite Barolos with them with the caution to put it in a cool dark place for a year to get over the plane trip (vibrations).

5 October 2016  Today is the sixth anniversary of Natalya's arrival in Italy so it is quite occasion for us.  We opened our last bottle  of the 2009 Castagni to serve with the pasta and the dolma that Natalya made.  The wine is ready to drink!  It is a very good example of what a great Barolo is like when you give it time to rest and come together.  If you have it, open a bottle.  Tell us (and the cantina) what you think of it.  We are sorry that there is no more of it in our collection.

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