13 August 2013

Grand Degustazione at La Morra - 2013

For those of you that missed the tasting yesterday, you missed some great Barolos and Nebbiolos. Out of the approximately 35 producers represented there, we think that the following list will keeps us busy meeting the people at the cantine and tasting all of their offerings.

These are in alphabetical order, not necessarily in the order we will visit them.

Bocchino Eugenio
Bosco Agostino
Cascina Ballarin
Cordero di Montezemolo
Curto Marco
Ellena Giuseppe
Ferrero f.lli
Grasso Silvio
Marengo Mario
Oberto Andrea
Revello f.lli
Viberti Osvaldo

There were also some cantine that we have previously written about such as Ciabot Berton and Erbaluna.

These cantine can expect communication from us requesting a visit.  Watch for our reports!!

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